Our Mission

We believe that the work you do should add to your life and make you a better, happier, more fulfilled person. People dedicated to a worthy cause and possessing the grit to dig in and make it happen is the secret sauce within the high performing teams, business growth and success our client organizations enjoy. Team OTA is focused on helping clients and candidates find the right talent at the right time to triumph professionally and personally.


Own the Arena was created to make executive search and technical leadership recruiting better for our clients and our candidates. We saw an opportunity to Own the Arena! Our goal is to deliver value from the initial outreach to forever and beyond for clients and candidates. 

We pride ourselves on helping people and organizations find each other at the right time such that both benefit from the working relationship. In the early days we, along with many others, discovered that the secret sauce to high performing teams is individuals loving what they do, possessing the grit and optimism to come into the arena every day and the humility to know “winning,” no matter how talented you are on your own, means helping the person next to you.

OTA has developed a proven method for helping clients and candidates find the right talent/Job at the right time.. This keeps team OTA inspired because it drives business success for our clients and demonstrates our positive impact on the organizations in our arena. Initially OTA worked primarily with startup organizations. Gradually our client’s grew to include some of the largest and most successful companies in the world. We grew by listening to our clients and candidates, making mistakes, learning, adapting and offering something better than ever before.

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