For Candidates

Team OTA feels a sense of responsibility and ownership to every client and candidate. Our interview process is data driven. Our recommendations stem from decades of experience recruiting top talent to high bar organizations and building high performing teams. We are transparent, available, communicative and therefore trusted by clients and candidates alike. 

Leadership Corner

Our podcasts and leadership interviews provide insights from senior individuals within high performing organizations with strong cultures. You’ll be able to listen to a mix of leaders from the best organizations in the world and learn from their collective experience. This valuable resource is available to our community members.

Career Coaching

Most people take and leave jobs because of their direct manager. At OTA we help people plan their careers so that their personal and professional goals align. We make introductions to mentors and peers who are willing to listen and offer their thoughts and experience. We work with candidates to develop short and long term career plans to help them drive their dreams into reality.

Land Your Dream Job

At the core of our work ethic is honesty, transparency, and strong moral principles. We pride ourselves on delivering compelling results to our clients while also ensuring that every candidate we identify and work with has a positive experience, no matter what the outcome. We believe this is why over 90% of our business is from referrals and return clients.