Jonathan Smith

Executive Recruiter

Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith has over two decades of experience as an Attorney at Law and operating executive. Jonathan has built his legal practice from the ground up and continues to practice and run his firm. Jonathan’s interest in recruiting stems from his passion to help people find work they love, fascination with emerging technology and his proven business acumen. Jonathan has jumped into team OTA with both feet, applied his skills and learned the craft of recruiting at warp speed.

Johnathan holds a Juris Doctor Degree and has a background in accounting. Johnathan leads OTA Legal Searches and supports Executive, Financial and Technical Search efforts.

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At the core of our work ethic is honesty, transparency, and strong moral principles. We pride ourselves on delivering compelling results to our clients while also ensuring that every candidate we identify and work with has a positive experience, no matter what the outcome. We believe this is why over 90% of our business is from referrals and return clients.