We’re on a mission to uplevel people and talent by deploying AI with a human touch in order to harness the strengths of AI, namely driving intelligent business, while centering human values.

Key Client Benefits

  • Reduced time and cost to hire
  • Improved quality of hire 
  • Understand and identify skill and culture fit in the interview process
  • Build and develop cohesive, diverse, high performing teams
  • Identify and develop delete creative solutions for skill gaps to fit any budget
  • Grow the mindset and culture to scale your organization

We’re on a mission to up level people and talent. OTA has developed and can deploy proven methods and technologies that will uplevel and optimize your most important resource – your people.


Proven AI powered data driven sourcing and interviewing methods


AI enhanced interviewing processes and team diversification.

Thoughtful Humans

Making smarter more data driven people and talent decisions through the thoughtful use of AI.

Land Your Dream Job

Great teams are not made up of many well-rounded players. Great teams are made up of a variety of players, each having their own strengths. – Pele